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Protection of Nature

Monitoring in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources


Coordination of the activities of other government bodies in the Vitebsk region


Implementation of international cooperation, study, synthesis and dissemination of international experience

Electronic circulation

Electronic appeals of citizens and legal entities are sent via the global computer network Internet to an email address or are posted in this category of the official website of the committee.

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Results of the second stage of the national competition for the best children’s drawing on environmental topics

Vitebsk regional organizing Committee on March 13, 2019 held a summing up at the regional level of the second stage of the national competition for the best children’s drawing on environmental topics. At the second stage of the regional level of the Republican competition district (city) organizing committees were presented 140 works from districts and cities of Vitebsk region. Having considered the materials, the members of the organizing Committee noted the special flavor of children’s works presented by educational institutions.

World Water Day

Day March 22 the UN General Assembly in 1993 officially proclaimed World Day for Water. In accordance with the recommendations of the UN Conference on Environment protection and development of the day began to celebrate the 1993 annual.

March 30-Earth Hour

Every inhabitant of the planet Earth can take part in the action on March 30, 2019 from 20.30 to 21.30, turning off the lights and switching off unnecessary electrical appliances at home.

On the results of control activities for handling wastes

The priority areas of work of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Environment to control waste management are the issues of ensuring the operation of municipal waste disposal facilities in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation, organizing the collection and extraction of secondary material resources, optimizing the network of mini-landfills, preventing the formation of unauthorized dumps.